What We Do

We specialise in delivering high impact, participatory training across a range of subject areas but with a specific interest in HSE, OV&A, Bullying & Harassment and a range of Communication Skills based programmes. 

All our training centres around the idea that we learn best by doing and we create bespoke programmes that are highly interactive, engaging and effective and have a distinct focus on practice with individual feedback for participants to hone and develop their skills. 

We have a highly skilled actor facilitator base and are committed to working with a small number of clients, in an intensive way, so that we are able to fully understand, and therefore meet, our client’s individual needs and challenges. 

As much of what we do is based around developing Communication Skills and awareness, the skills learnt are transferable and have benefit beyond the scope of the individual programme. 

We don’t use powerpoint 

We believe in communicating with individuals as people and invariably people come away from our workshops with a heightened skill set, increased confidence and a smile.  The subjects we work are sometimes serious but we manage to have a lot of fun and the sessions are always memorable.  This is evidenced by the fact that once we’ve run one course and ‘word gets around’, there is always high demand from the colleagues of participants to attend. 

As part of our programme development approach, we immerse ourselves in the world of our participants to ensure that the materials we present are relevant and that the approach and advice given is consistent with currently accepted best practice. 

We interview, conduct surveys and put forward developed materials to focus groups to ensure our content is spot on.  We work on a process of Continuous Improvement and constantly seek and listen to feedback to ensure we stay relevant. 

We are passionate about what we do and we’ll help your staff to be passionate about it too. 

HSE Related Programmes

  • Occupational Violence & Aggression - De-escalation training
  • Bullying & Harassment in the workplace
  • Workplace Mental Health
  • Safety Interventions & Behaviour Based safety programmes

Management & People Skills

  • Delivering Feedback
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Diversity
  • Managing Conflict
  • Interview Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Presentations Training
  • Questioning and Listening
  • Communication Skills

Graduate/Talent Development

  • Graduate Leadership